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Hard Rock Marble Rosary(8mm beads, 50g) - Black Marble Rosary

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With high-quality precious stone beads, these 8mm-beads rosary are made with truly solid and lasting silver wires which can last for a lifetime. The detail in each stone bead and the variations in the stone colors are very stunning, grand, classic, and beautiful. They are of the highest quality. Each bead style is very prominent making them one of the most fanciest, sturdiest rosaries you would ever find. Moreover, the centerpiece and the cross are silver and very unique in style. This Rosary is truly one-of-a-kind, rarely to be seen anywhere!

Your order will come in a plastic round case designed with a holy image, perfect fit to store your rosary.

This is called Hard "Rock" Rosary because with every large stone bead that we pray with this rosary, we are reminded that we can have a type of faith built in a solid strong rock foundation through Jesus and Mary. Mary reminds us that the spiritual foundation we are called to have is one of deep faith grounded in prayer. Our foundation is our daily communication with Christ. Each Hail Mary we pray with her as a rose we give to her, and she, in turn, presents them to Our Heavenly Father.

*Each rosary bead is 8-mm in size. This rosary has another replica of 10-mm sized beads under the same name and with a uniquely different crucifix and medal.

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