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Mary, Star of the Sea Rosary(10mm beads, 90g) Blue Green Rosary

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Timeless, elegant, sturdy, fancy, and one-of-a-kind rosary perfect for display, for your hands, for yourself, or for a loved one! This Rosary is truly one of a kind and cannot be reproduced!

Each stone bead is of the highest quality. With special large high-quality precious stone beads, these 10mm-beads rosary have variations in the stone colors that are very stunning, grand, classic, and beautiful. Moreover, the crucifix and the miraculous medal catch the eye.

A rare jewelry handwork made with durable silver wires, soldered together to last for a lifetime.

In addition, this rosary could also be the best choice for hands that have difficulty holding or grasping smaller beads, because these are 10mm beads. They are also especially comfortable for arthritic hands to hold due to the beautiful oversized beads.

You cannot miss this rosary in the rush of a pile of things with its grand size and eye-catching colors!

When you order these, they will come in an elegant, stylish, dazzling organza pouch. 

This rosary is handmade. We wrap each and every bead to ensure longevity and strength. It will be a Rosary loved for decades to come!

This particular rosary reminds us about Mary as star of the Sea. It is called "Star of the Sea" Rosary coined from one of Mary’s titles, to remind us that whenever we feel lost or alone, she is there as the star to guide us to the right path and to remind us that we are not alone. Each Hail Mary we pray with her as a rose we give to her, and she, in turn, presents them to Our Heavenly Father.

*Each rosary bead is 10-mm in size. This rosary has another replica of 8-mm sized beads under the same name and with a different crucifix and medal.

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