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Red Rose-Scented Wooden Beads Rosary

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Rare Rose Scented Red Wooden Aroma Beads Rosary. Very uniquely made and made of authentic wood scented with red roses. The moment you take this rosary out from its case, you will immediately get the fragrance of roses. When placing it back in its case, the smell of rose petals will also remain in your hand, as if you just held a bunch of red petals and red roses!

The medal is a Modern, mid-century representation of the Blessed Virgin with her hands joined in prayer surrounded by a radiant halo of 12 stars on the front side of this figurative vintage medal. The cross is silver and also very unique.

The gentle rose scent reminds us about Mary as a Heavenly Mystical Rose. Each Hail Mary we pray with her as a rose we give to her, and she, in turn, presents them to Our Heavenly Father.

*This rosary is a bit smaller in size than our 8mm and 10mm rosaries, but still perfect fit for your hands.

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