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Golden One-Decade Rosary

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This incredible Rosary comes to life thanks to the magnetic charm of the Pearl and Crystal appearance. The wire, the crucifix and the medal are gold in color, making them very elegant, queenly, and kingly in style. The whole rosary has a majestic style, even the medal itself is studded with crystal gemstones that sparkle not only up-close but also from afar.

Hang it in the rearview mirror of your car, close to your bed, anywhere you want - you cannot help but watch it dazzle, sparkle and shine like a diamond, even as you are traveling or praying, you are reminded that you are not alone. 

All Rosaries are handmade. We put together each and every bead to ensure longevity and strength. This will be a Rosary loved for decades to come!

When you order one, it will come in an elegant, stylish, dazzling organza pouch.


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